Hook & Cord has Hooks, Bungee Cords, Tools, and Accessories for all uses—USA-made and exclusive products only available through Hook & Cord. Hook & Cord will design new concepts, engineer new parts, locate hard-to-find items, manufacture custom plastic and metal parts, and much more. We will work hard to help you!
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Overlander Straps has amazing tools and accessories to fuel your adventurous spirit! USA-made Overlander Straps, Tie-down straps, and handle and carrying straps are the perfect tools to help you explore OVERLAND! 


Boat Lines & Dock Ties has Heavy Duty Mooring, Launching, Retrieving, Anchoring & Tie Downs for boats. USA-made marine-grade heavy-duty bungee cords and strong Nylon tubular webbing add strength, UV protection, and durability to each amazing product. These cords are designed to last longer than standard cords because we build these to the highest quality control standards. You will not find a better product!